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Dural Repair

Safer, Faster & Higher-Quality Dural Repairs

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The Problem


Incidence of Incidental Durotomy (ID)

ID is one of the most common complications of spine surgery, with incidences of approximately 10% across all procedures.1 Incidences are as high as 29% during certain lumbar procedures, such as revisions.2-4



Persistent Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) leaks occur in 9-21%5 of lumbar cases with ID, leading to poor outcomes for patients6 and additional costs7 for healthcare providers.

The Solution

DuraStat is a surgical device that enables higher-quality, gold standard dural repairs with efficiency, even when access is limited.8

DuraStat Instrument

Clinical Value



The needle and suture, retained within the smooth, curved tip enable pre-selection of optimal location for needle placement and suture passage.



DuraStat consolidates steps and automates suture passage with a button-press, helping save time and eliminating supination.


Higher Quality

Sutured repairs are the best-known way to prevent persistent CSF leaks. DuraStat helps gain control of the tear with optimal suture placement and minimized tissue disruption.

How to Use DuraStat

DuraStat enables quality, efficiency, and access by combining steps and reducing variation.

A close up of the positioning


Enables gold standard treatment. Sutured repairs are the best known way to prevent persistent CSF leaks.

A close up of the deployment

Tent & Deploy

Needles are passed predictably with the push of a button, eliminating supination.

A close up of the knot

Repeat & Knot

The suture is efficiently passed inside to out on both sides of the tear.

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