Born Out of Necessity

Innovative design streamlines an otherwise challenging, variable and time-consuming procedure.

Durastat Value

Key Considerations

“There are 3 key considerations that drove the development of DuraStat. It needed to be optimized for use in cases with limited exposure… to enable suturing in tight spaces…and safely position the suture without damaging the tissue.” – Mark Kurd, MD

Clinical Value Analysis

DuraStat has been shown to yield safer, faster and higher-quality8 dural repairs.


Economic Value Analysis

Better outcomes for patients equals less economic burden on the healthcare system.


DuraStat® – Device for Dural Repair: Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 


10,888,31410,918,37910,952,72211,090,042  or international equivalents.

Other patents may be pending.